Ze sveedish chef page, Bork Bork Bork

What is the swedish chef?

Remember the muppets, well the swedish chef is the same swedish chef from the classic T.V. program. (put ze cheeken in de oven).
The encheferizer is a program written by John Hagerman that converts ASCII text to mock swedish.

To view this page translated in mock swedish click here.
To view this page in normal text click here.

The best place to find out about the chef is to read the FAQ (maintained by T. Erik Browne). Or better yet read the USENET news group. alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork.

What is this web page then?

Its a web version of the swedish chef program, which is available for most platforms. Most posts to the a.s.c.b.b.b news group are about people wanting the chef for their system. This mosaic version lets you try the chef.
Steven Carr / sac1@stir.ac.uk