Dee Alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork FAQ-ee Leest

1) Whoot ees dees noosgroop fur?

Dees noosgroop is fur treding chickie reecipees, speeking een mock sweedish, und borking. Bork Bork Bork!

2) What ees dee en-chef-erizer?

Dee en-chef-erizer mekes noormal teext look leke dee Swedish Chef. Bork Bork Bork!

3) Wer ken I geet dee en-chef-erizer?

Yoo ken geet dee en-chef-erizer by anoonimus FTP froom, een dee /pub/tb/tbrowne/swedish_chef deerectury. Der are-e coopies fur dee Unix, IBM, Mac, Amiga, und VAX. Bork Bork Bork!

4) Whe ken't I geet a de-en-chef-erizer?

Dees ees wut John Hagerman, de writer oof dee en-chef-erizer seys:

Unfortunately, Mock Chinese (which is what the Chef actually speaks) is a ``lossy'' language (no, I don't mean a ``lousy'' language). In the formalism of linguistics, this means that all computable translations must result in a loss of information (mathematically, I(f(s)) < I(s) for all f in C). Humans are not computers, however (here we assume that the Swedish Chef is human, or at least close enough), and thus are not limited to computable translations; specifically, we tend to extract a lot of information from context in all real languages. This turns out to be the key in Mock Chinese, in which *all* information is encoded in the phrase ``Bork bork bork!'' Thus, while it is easy for a human familiar with Mock Chinese to understand everything important just from the ``Bork bork bork!'' parts (as readers of this group will attest), it is clearly not possible to write a de-chef-er-ize-er. As a side-effect, this makes it quite easy to write songs in Mock Chinese since you can use any filler words you want; all of the actual lyrics are always ``Bork bork bork!'' Note that I'm not actually an expert in this field; I just translated for the Chef. He said ``Bork bork bork!''

- - John

5) What eelse ees on dee FTP seete?

Vee heve dee chef.el, wheech leets yoo use emacs to encheferize.

Dere ees alsoo neet poosts froom dee heestoree oof a.s.c.b.b.b in dee /pub/tb/tbrowne/swedish_chef/txt deerectury. Bork Bork Bork!

6) Ees dere a Vurld Veede-a Veeb (www) peege?

Yees. Eet ees et Eet hes links tu dee FAQ-ee, dee FTP seete, und dee en-chef-erizer. Bork Bork Bork!

Dees ducumeent coopeereet (C) T. Erik Browne, 1994