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          Welcome to the Quake-C Mailing List!                                  
This Mailing List is dedicated to Intermittent, Advanced,                       
and professional  issues related to the game "QUAKE" by                         
ID Software(tm).  This info file is available at any time                       
by sending email to MAJORDOMO@CSN.ORG and placing                               
info quake-c                                                                    
in the body of the message. Be aware! That nothing in the                       
subject line is processed.                                                      
SEND ALL SUBSCRIBE AND UNSUBSCRIBE messages to                                  
(you send to the list and 10 to 1 somebody                                      
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Please read and heed ALL Posting Guidelines and keep                            
a copy if this info file somewhere handy.                                       
There is a related (will be soon!) WWW page at:                                 
I will let you know as soon as it is ready to                                   
be posted.  If you have IDEAS or Suggestions, please                            
forward them to me at RUDESEAL@SEAL-INDUSTRIES.COM                              
THIS PAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON!!                                              
(honest! I swear!...really...)                                                  
Once there is some concrete information about                                   
The Quake-C programming language, The page                                      
will be available, otherwise the only thing you will                            
see is a black hole!!                                                           
READ THESE POSTING GUIDELINES!!!!                                               
The Quake-C Mailing list is run as an OPEN-MODERATED list.                      
What this means that you can talk freely (within limits defined below)          
to your hearts content, but once you become abusive, obscene, or                
generally become a total asswipe, I will personally UNSUBSCRIBE                 
you and ban you forever from the list.                                          
Ok bad stuff over with.                                                         
Quake-C is dedicated to advancing the discussion and devlopment of              
the PRIMARY Programming language used in the Game of QUAKE.                     
As you know Quake-C is the backbone of the entire game platform.                
It controls just about every action in the game, Including Server               
This list is intended to cover the following subjects:                          
ON TOPIC ISSUES:                                                                
1) 3d map editor implementation of entities (monstors, doors, players,          
2) Pure Quake-C programming, Tutorials, Examples, algorithams, and development  
of same.                                                                        
3) Networking and server programming issues.                                    
4) .MDL Development. (all subjects-animation, behavior discussions)             
OFF TOPIC ISSUES:                                                               
1) Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.                                 
2) Details of gameplay, e.g. cheats, installation, setup. (i.e. difficulty      
balancing, design issues, the works)                                            
3) commercial or non-commercial map editing projects, (i.e. conversion or       
building of maps)                                                               
4) Advertising and spamming                                                     
6) general basic animation and behaviour discussions (this is subjective.  If   
I think you are posting just to spam, you will be warned)                       
7) Bitches, moans, complaints.                                                  
This list is MODERATED but if everyone keeps a professional bearing             
and follows the general guidelines, you will probably never hear from           
the moderator. Have fun and enjoy the game!!!!                                  
Other quake related Mailing list:                                               
1) Quake Mailing list:                                                          
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2) Quake-Developers mailing list                                                
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