Almac Services

  Uploading onto
Userguide for customers with a URL of etc
on how to upload their webpages. If you have forgotten your password or cannot get logged in, Technical Support (0845 2711127) have a list of usernames and passwords and may be able to help you. They cannot add accounts etc, so if your username is not on the list you will have to wait till Monday for your problem to be sorted out. If this is the case please fill in the on line fault report form as this will speed up the process on Monday.

  Uploading onto a virtual server
Userguide for customers with their own domain name on how to upload their webpages. See note above RE not being able to log in.

  Fault Report Form
If you cannot upload into your webspace, have forgotten your password, or are having other problems fill in the fault report form. We will investigate the problem and get back to you.

  The Virtual Business Park
Companies at home and abroad trading on the Internet
  ClariNet e.News
The ClariNet e.News -- the Net's first and largest "electronic newspaper".
  Forth FM
Scott Wilson's web site from East Central Scotland's most popular radio station.
  Internet Search Sites
Search engines and directories to help you find web sites of interest, email addresses and files.
The official site for the ILink Mail Network.
  Download Area
All the software required to connect to Almac's Internet and BBS services. (Not available at the moment)
 Lycos Search


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